I’m very excited that I’m now able to offer glass casting courses from my own studio.

During my career so far I’ve built up a huge repertoire of knowledge and specialist techniques that I enjoy passing on and sharing with students. I’ve been a visiting lecturer at The Royal College of Art for many years, as well as running masterclasses in specialist centres – Sars Poteries in France, Northlands Creative Glass, Scotland and The Glasshub in Wiltshire to name a few.

I love teaching and hope to enthuse others with the same energy and enjoyment for glass that I have.

I’m offering 3 types of course covering every aspect of lost wax casting and glass finishing – from beginner to advanced.


Wonderful Wax course | Angela Jarman | Studio Glass Artist | Hertfordshire, UK

Wonderful Wax

Wonderful Wax is an opportunity to get to grips with as many techniques as you need for successful casting, including mould mixing, pouring silicone, moulding with alginate and of course lots of attention paid to wax – reproduction, construction and joining (my favourite part of the process and one which I take great pride in being a perfectionist at).


Core Skills course | Angela Jarman | Studio Glass Artist | Hertfordshire, UK

Core Skills

Core Skills will take you further into casting techniques – it’s a specialist course aimed at core casting for those that want to push their skill level a bit further and put texture onto the inside of their work as well as the outside.


Coldworking finishing course | Angela Jarman | Studio Glass Artist | Hertfordshire, UK

The Joys of Coldworking

The Joys of Coldworking is a comprehensive coldworking course aimed at anyone with any previous glass making experience; whether you’re a kiln worker, caster or blower, you’ll learn how to bring out the best in your work. You’ll be taught all the techniques that can change a piece from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!”


The experience

You’ll be well looked after on every course. A homemade lunch is provided, as well as homemade cake and biscuits in the afternoon! Learn more in general course information.


Join a course

If you'd like to secure a place on one of my courses, please check dates and availability then click the link below to book. Please also review terms and conditions of booking.